Apple Releases Research App

Privacy takes multiple sides when it comes to data: it is not about the staunch prohibition of data being collected, used and shared, but also about the clear understanding of how data is being collected, used and shared, and enabling the “right” data to be used for the “right” purposes as determined by the person about whom the data refers.

Heath data is one of the topics in which there is an enormous ability to do good for society and humanity, but can also be used in the wrong ways. Beyond the transparency of how information will be collected, used and shared, there is an element of trust in the entity doing the collection to make it sit well with the data subjects themselves; Apple have gone to great lengths to establish this level of trust with consumers such that when they release a research project like this, which will collect vast amounts of individual health data, that the subjects will not immediately balk and will consider contributing to the effort.

Today, Apple released their Apple Research app, which was announced earlier this year, and is beginning three studies, including a women’s health study, a heart and movement study, and a hearing study. Read more in the announcement below, and read the various info about data collection and use before enrolling.

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