Europol Publishes Law Enforcement and Industry Report on Spear Phishing

Direct to: Spear Phishing: A Law Enforcement and Cross-Industry Perspective
33 pages; PDF. 

This report is the result of the joint Advisory Group Meeting from March 26 – 27 2019, gathering over 70 representatives from private industry at Europol to discuss the threat of spear phishing. It contains the meeting’s main conclusions and recommendations for organisations on how to combat this threat effectively on a technical, educational, as well as operational level. It concludes that spear phishing is still the main attack vector for cybercriminals to target their victims and shows that there are a number of readily available solutions that can help minimise the risk of a successful attack. At the same time, this report highlights some of the challenges related to information sharing and the investigation of spear phishing attacks, as well as what can be done collectively to improve the situation.

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