Sidewalk Labs Shares Data Collection and Use Plans For Toronto Smart City

From The Star:

Infrared sensors that track foot traffic in a store. Responsive sounds that help blind people find their way around streets.
Sidewalk Labs has put forward more details about how it proposes to deploy technology and collect and use data in the neighbourhood of the future it wants to build on Toronto’s eastern waterfront.
The Google sister firm was set to release its Digital Innovation Appendix to the public Friday.
According to Sidewalk Labs, the 482-page appendix, obtained by the Star, is based on “core principles” that include using the least invasive technology at the 12-acre plot of land called Quayside, near Queens Quay East and Parliament Street, that the firm hopes to develop.

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Direct to Digital Innovation Appendix (via Sidewalk Labs)
483 pages; PDF. 

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