CRS Report: Big Data in Financial Services: Privacy and Security Regulation

A new Congressional Research Service “Insight” report.

Title: Big Data in Financial Services: Privacy and Security Regulation

From the Introduction:

Congress has shown interest in data privacy and security issues in the financial services industry, including an upcoming House Financial Services task force hearing. Recent data breaches at large financial institutions and credit reporting agencies have increased concern about the privacy and security of the large amounts of consumer financial information (known increasingly as big data) that companies gather, use, and store. Some of this information is public, whereas other information is considered personal and nonpublic. No single law provides a framework for regulating data privacy in the United States. Instead, myriad laws cover different industries. In the financial services industry, several federal and state laws cover data privacy; most comprehensively, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA; P.L. 106-102) directs financial regulators to implement disclosure requirements and security measures to safeguard private information. This Insight summarizes GLBA’s regulatory implementation and discusses policy issues for Congress.

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