U.S. DOJ to Focus on Zero-Trust, Identity Pilots in 2020

From FedScoop:

The Department of Justice is focusing on zero trust and identity and access management pilots in fiscal 2020 as it adapts its security posture to the cloud and a remote workforce.

Procurements began last year, and the department now has eight to 10 pilots experimenting with different zero-trust architectures and vendors, Nickolous Ward, chief information security officer of DOJ, told FedScoop.


ero-trust security products will help DOJ more safely expose services in the cloud to the internet, but “none of them are bulletproof,” Ward said.

That’s where the identity and access management pilots come in to ensure the identity of every person connecting to every piece of data.

“That’s been a huge source of data breaches…we trust all these different vendors to store our data, and how do we know that they’re protecting it properly?” Ward asked.

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