Gizmodo Uncovers Precise Geolocation Data Embedded in Ring (Amazon) Photos

From: Gizmodo

Increasing concern about the privacy practises of Ring, now owned by Amazon, have been coming to light over the past few months. Gizmodo published the results of research in which posts given to Ring’s Neighbors application contained precise, hidden geolocation information embedded within the posting.

Examining the network traffic of the Neighbors app produced unexpected data, including hidden geographic coordinates that are connected to each post—latitude and longitude with up to six decimal points of precision, accurate enough to pinpoint roughly a square inch of ground.

Based on the information gleaned from these posts, Gizmodo was able to make an extremely precise map of installed Ring cameras, unbeknownst to those camera owners. Posts to the Neighbors application are not intended to show exact poster location, but this information is still able to be extracted.

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