NY Times: “On Data Privacy, India Charts Its Own Path”

From The NY Times:

India is poised to pass its first major data protection law, placing new restrictions on how corporations can collect and use information from the country’s 1.3 billion people.

The legislation, which is set to be introduced in Parliament this week after more than a year of discussion, builds on Europe’s recently enacted privacy protections that gave residents there the ability to request and better control their online data. But lawyers said the bill would also move India closer to China, where the internet is tightly overseen by the government.


India’s likely legislation is set to contribute to a balkanization of the internet. From Singapore to California, more and more governments are adopting their own standards on privacy, security, free speech and protection for homegrown companies. That is making it more difficult for multinational internet companies, which had once expanded rapidly in different regions, to operate freely across the world.

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