Apple’s iOS Tracking Notifications Also Working Well

From Digiday:

Recently, Privacy Maven linked to an article in The Information about how early estimates were showing that Apple’s Safari Tracking Limitation were working quite well to quash cross-site tracking of users on websites.

Now, new information from Digiday is indicating that the changes to iOS and MacOS to inform users that location data is being collected in the background is having a significant impact on the industries built upon the passive collection of this data.

Right now opt-in rates to share data with apps when they’re not in use are often below 50%, said Benoit Grouchko, who runs the ad tech business Teemo that creates software for apps to collect location data. Three years ago those opt-in rates were closer to 100%, he said. Higher opt-in rates prevailed when people weren’t aware that they even had a choice. Once installed on a phone, many apps would automatically start sharing a person’s location data.

“People have decided to stop their phones’ sharing location data at a universal level,” said Jason Smith, chief business officer at Location Sciences.

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